The Process

Regardless of the type of video your organization needs, the process of creating it will be similar.

Initial Meeting

First we'll meet, usually on the phone, for a free consultation to discuss what you're looking for, and how we can help you achieve it. We will present you with different options for your video. For example, if you are making a video presenting your company you might want to use an interview-style format or you might prefer to use a voice-over, or a combination might appeal to you. You might want the pace to be fast or prefer something more leisurely. Our preliminary discussions will ensure that you receive the product you want.

Based on this meeting, we'll prepare for you a binding quote for the project; unless the scope of the project drastically changes, this will be the cost to your organization.


Once the quote is agreed to, we'll have another meeting in which we discuss the logistics of the project. We will have a breakdown of what we need to film for your video, and work with you to create a timeline in which all the involved parties can be present. The goal is to fit all the pieces together in the shortest possible timeline to create the least disruption for you. If necessary we might meet several times, so that you are happy before we begin filming.


Next, we will actually create the footage that will be used. During production we will come to the location(s) you want to use in your video. There will be a crew of 2-5, depending on what you desire. Filming a company picnic to create a video remembering the day would probably just take a crew of two or three. This is because the majority of the filming will be informal, not requiring much setup or direction. Filming an advertisement for your business will probably require a larger crew because setup is more complex and a specific script is involved. There is more detail to attend to involving sound, lights, and direction so more people are needed.

The time we need to film depends on the product and style you want. To those who haven't gone through the process before, time estimates for these usually seem excessive, but often that's what it take to create high quality footage.

Post Production

After we film your video it still has to be edited. If we filmed for two days to create your 5 minute video all of the footage has to be sorted through and the best of it selected, then cut together in a way that is interesting and logical. After the video is edited the sound must be edited as well as the color.

Usually editing the first draft takes 1-2 weeks. We will agree on a timeline in our preliminary meetings. You will have the opportunity to view the first draft and request changes, which will be made within one week of receiving them. You will then be able to view the second draft and request changes, which will again be made in about one week. The third draft is the final one. Watermarks will be removed upon final payment.

The video can be delivered on DVD, in file format, or uploaded straight to YouTube or other video sharing site.